Wholesale Soaps and Detergents

Challenge Soaps and Detergents, as you may all have known, is a premium producer of washing soaps and detergents in South India. In an endeavour to give people the best of washing experience, and to safeguard the colours and whites of clothes, we are on the lookout for wholesalers of detergents and soaps, who can take our product to the masses.

Being a wholesale dealer for soaps and detergents, and that too, with Challenge, has its own advantages. You get to be a part of a growing and thriving enterprise that is committed to giving people the best-in-class washing soaps and detergents. We also help you in finding out businesses, be it hotels or hospitals.

Do you look forward to be our distributor in Tamil Nadu, as much as we’d like to have you as our distributor? All you need to do is just fell up the Inquiry Form and we’ll get in touch with you.